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Piano tuning takes about an hour and a half on a well maintained piano.

Pitch raises are done on many pianos that have been moved since the last tuning, or it has been several years between tunings. The need for pitch raise tuning is determined by the distance it is from its ideal tuned condition, usually where A is tuned to 440.

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  • Key-top Repair
  • Piano Cleaning
  • Piano Demolition
  • Piano Parts and Supplies
  • Piano Repair and Maintenance
  • Piano Restringing
  • Pin Block Renovation
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Knutson Piano Tuning & Repair in Spokane, WA always hopes to provide great service to their customers. We love being able to repair and tune pianos so that our customers can return to playing the music they love. Read our FAQ to learn more about piano tuning.

How often should I have my piano tuned? Manufacturers usually suggest once or twice a year. A piano that is well maintained generally needs fewer repairs over the years. However, in the field, we find that unless a piano is played every day, an annual tuning is appropriate for the average piano owner. There are other determining factors such as the quality of the piano and ability to maintain string tension, the physical environment (if the piano is subject to noticeable changes in humidity and temperature, it will affect the pitch of the tuning), the tolerance of the pianist (players with perfect pitch or a need for matching pitch with other instruments for ensemble use) may need more frequent tuning.

When should I get my piano tuned? People use different events to make this decision. It’s good to have the piano tuned annually. Sometimes climate control is an issue. Although we don’t have huge changes in humidity in our area, you may want to wait until you are using your heating and the windows are closed. Usage usually determines when you want it tuned.

Can’t I tune it myself? If you are a trained piano technician, it should be okay. Just make sure that you’ve made the investment in tuning tools and equipment (about$500in tools, supplies for broken strings and other parts, and safety equipment), and if you are tuning aurally (by ear), remember that there are about 220 separate strings. You’ll need to determine which temperament you’re going to use.

Can I move the piano in my truck? How many guys do I need to help? This is never recommended. You need to consider damage to the piano, damage to the buildings while moving in and out, and damage to you and/or your three or four friends. A professional can move a piano conveniently and quickly without damage and is worth his weight in gold, so to speak.

There are more answers to your questions at under “Resources.” Questions about how to buy a piano, how often you should tune, and many more questions are answered more fully there.

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