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Knutson Piano Tuning & Repair is a locally owned and licensed company in Spokane, WA. We are owned by Mr. Ken Knutson, a registered piano technician. Ken Knutson trained in piano technology with his wife, Jenny, at Western Iowa Technical School in Sioux City, Iowa. After graduation, they began living in Spokane, WA in 1983. In 1984, he was hired as a firefighter by the Spokane Fire Department, which meshed well with his vocation as a piano tuner and technician.


Knutson Piano Tuning & Repair in Spokane, WA always hopes to provide great service to their customers. We love being able to repair and tune pianos so that our customers can return to playing the music they love. Read our FAQ to learn more about piano tuning.
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We Tune and Repair Acoustic Pianos

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For the best piano service in Spokane, WA, come see the professionals. At Knutson Piano Tuning & Repair, we guarantee that you will be impressed with our services. We will have your old or new piano repaired and tuned so that you can get back to making beautiful music.

Our Services

Piano tuning takes about an hour and a half on a well maintained piano.

Pitch raises are done on many pianos that have been moved since the last tuning, or it has been several years between tunings. The need for pitch raise tuning is determined by the distance it is from its ideal tuned condition, usually where A is tuned to 440. If the current status of the tuning level is more than 15 cents below or above that pitch, that usually indicates the need for this tuning. This can take upwards of three hours.
Broken Piano Keys
Cleaning the inside of the piano is occasionally offered by the tuner when the inside of the case and action have accumulated dust and debris.

Action repair - problems with sticking keys, squeaking pedals, odd vibrations, etc., can usually be addressed at the tuning appointment. Problems that need longer time and/or may require ordering specific parts for the job will need additional appointments and may also necessitate the removal of the action from the piano to be worked on in the tuner’s shop.

Action regulation can be done on a small scale to solve a playing concern (such as inadequate repetition) as part of a tuning appointment. If this needs to be done from the keys to the strings, a separate appointment is needed.
Case repair is offered on a small scale. The most common requests regard the music rack or the pedal lyre. We do not offer refinishing services.

Purchase consultation is a service offered to help a prospective piano buyer through the process of locating used pianos. A free piano can be very expensive. It might be a good deal, but there is always the possibility that it will not hold its pitch or be playable without extensive repairs. Being an informed buyer and having an expert inspect a piano before purchase can save you money.

Piano lessons are offered by Mrs. Knutson at levels from beginner to intermediate. She prefers beginners no younger than 1st grade level, but there is no upper age limit. About half of her students are adults. Lessons are usually 30 minutes, although 45 and 60 minute lesson times are available.

We Also Offer:

  • Key-top Repair
  • Piano Cleaning
  • Piano Demolition
  • Piano Parts and Supplies
  • Piano Repair and Maintenance
  • Piano Restringing
  • Pin Block Renovation

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